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Superior Last-Mile Delivery in South Africa

The last mile stage of delivery has traditionally presented online retailers with a host of challenges. But times are changing. FarEye Pre-Sales Director Mike Elton explains how advancements in intelligent, automated, and intuitive delivery technology can transform the last mile into a competitive advantage.

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How Chatbots Can Turn Into a High-Performing Sales Channel for eCommerce Businesses

In this webinar, speakers will discuss how chatbots don’t only reduce operational costs by automating routine queries and interactions, but also play a role in lead generation, driving engagement, and growing conversions.rious use-cases, insights, and the many opportunities of using chatbots.

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Turn Your Last-Mile Deliveries Into Your Competitive Advantage

Want to learn how you can enable enhanced last-mile deliveries for your business in a quickly growing but challenging regional market?

In this webinar, speakers discuss tech-driven practices to achieve superior consumer delivery experiences that will drive your business ahead of the competition.

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