Top 6 Ways of Increasing Your Open Rates 

Emails are still considered to be one of the most highly effective ways of reaching and converting customers. They allow you to keep your customers up to date with the latest products and services. They also provide you a platform to advertise specials and discounts and make sure that you are top of customers minds at all times. 

So, how can you make sure those emails are opened? What are the tips and tricks to ensure your email rate remains high and constant? We took a look at what you can do to keep those open rates up. 

Focus on a quality database

In order to build your database, you will want to ensure that you are getting the right contacts. One of the best ways to start with is to collect emails and contact information straight from your site with pop-ups. 

Another effective way is sign-ups through blog posts and content marketing. Another avenue is using  external partners to assist you in collecting email addresses. Verified and highly targeted contacts are certainly the way to go. 

Segment your lists 

Once you have a database, you will want to try and segment it as much as possible. Not every customer has signed up for your database for the same reason.  Some will want certain products and services from you, while others will want something totally different.  

The demographics of your customers can be vastly different, so try and divide up your customers and give them different messaging that they want.

Personalize your emails

Speak directly to your customer. Add their name in the subject or the preview of the text. In most cases, the mailer tool can automate this. You will just need to keep your data clean and tidy. 

If you focus an email on the needs, interests, and behaviors of your customers, you are more likely to increase open rates. Go for highly clickable subjects that speak to them “Alice, get an additional 20% off your next purchase with us.”

Add a hook to your subject line

Let’s chat more about subject lines. They need to be to the point and punchy. You only have around eight to nine words to really capture your audience’s attention. 

A question followed by a solution is always a winner. You can also give them key information like a statistic, or vital information. 

But make it clear, descriptive, and sellable.

Create content that sells

It is not only your subject line that counts, but the rest of the email too. It is wise to keep your content simple, to the point, descriptive, and as if you are writing to a friend. 

Content, whether in email or other content should all be educational, informative, and entertaining. Focus on something that they might be struggling with and help solve their issue. Blog posts here are a great way of effectively converting customers. Remember, you are trying to solve their problems for them. 

Track, test, and monitor everything 

You should be trying out and testing everything. Test out different formats of subject lines. Test out your CTAs and try different times of the day and the week. Send blogs, promotions, and direct sales pitches and see what works for you. 

You are then able to measure and monitor everything. All email platforms actually provide you with metrics for you to monitor how well your emails are doing. You can use this, together with your other platforms like Google Analytics to see how you are doing. 

The bottom line 

Keep trying, experimenting and testing everything. The more you try things out, the more you will see what works and what doesn’t work for your company. Keep measuring and you will soon start seeing your open rates increase.