Thank you for choosing ECOM 2020 and thank you for your understanding during this tough time.

The postponement of ECOM 2020 was taken very seriously, as it comes at great cost to the organizer; however, safety comes first, and we would never do anything to risk attendee well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why has the event been cancelled?

A. Due to ongoing concerns over the spread of COVID 19, we as event organizers would be irresponsible to go ahead on the original dates.

Q. When are the new dates?

A. 5-6 August 2020

Q. Is it at the same venue?

A. Yes, it is still at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Ballroom East & West.

Q. What will happen to my ticket or sponsorship?

A. Don’t worry, all tickets and sponsorships will be credited towards the new dates.

Q. What will happen to the existing speaker lineup?

A. Our speakers (and all attendees) have been extremely supportive and have assured their attendance.

Q. As an event organizer, what is your position on the industry now and in the future?

A. Of course, this is not good for the industry or economy as a whole, however, now isn’t the time to bury our heads in the sand and wait. We need to act, adapt and listen to our customers and peers. We intend on hosting a stronger event and use the time constructively to add value to all in attendance.

Q. I have more questions to answer, how can I reach you?

A. Please email us on: