Chat Commerce Offers Businesses a Winning Platform for Innovation and Growth

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The Future of B2B eCommerce: How Personalisation and Integrated Systems are Changing the B2B Ecommerce Landscape.

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The future of commerce by LOR

In today’s world it’s easy to slip down the technology road to look at Artificial Intelligence and how robotics and algorithms will impact, improve and drive the commerce and especially e-commerce industries, and yes these things have a place in today’s tech driven society, I won’t deny it but it can’t be the only thing we look at when we talk about the future of commerce. It often also complicates the world of the small business owner and those who are not in tune with the tech world.


Capitalising on Market Trends with Unified Commerce by Akinon

Unified Commerce is a relatively new term in the digital industry, however it is no new concept. For years, businesses in pursuit of digital transformation have been trying to deliver seamless commerce experiences to their customers and this trend is rapidly gaining more attention as competitors, regardless of business model or country, become more aware of its advantages. The terms Unified Commerce and Omnichannel are often used interchangeably. This white paper explains what Unified Commerce is, its benefits, the differences between Unified Commerce and Omnichannel, and shows how it can help you succeed with the current global trends.


The Future is Now by LOR

At Live Online Retail (LOR), our staff often transact online only to be met by an online chat. Three lines into the conversation they often realise that they are dealing with a robot and shortly after that frustration sets in and patience runs out. This can be avoided if we could just speak to a human. So instead of transacting, we are trying to “break” the bot so that we can direct our questions to a more intelligent being that can respond more accurately and more efficient than the programmed Lucy (no disrespect to the real Lucy’s out there).


Top tips for speakers by Nikita Prokhorov, Cofounder of Reputation House

Hi everyone! My name is Nikita Prokhorov. I’m a cofounder of Reputation House — one of the largest online reputation management agencies in the world.

My team and I can collect and analyse almost every message on the Internet in real time! We can delete any information from the Internet. That also includes YouTube-channels and video sources. In fact, we can delete anything for you.

Quite often people don’t understand what I mean when I say “Delete information”. That’s why presentations are crucial for me. Presentations and conferences are my main sales channel, and I have more than 200 employees to pay salaries to. For this reason, I have to be sure that my presentations are the best. To cut it short, I know a few things about presentations, and this time I am going to share my experience with you!