3 Ways to Increase your Conversion Rates on your Site 

Driving traffic to your site is one thing, but actually getting the visitors to convert to loyal, paying customers is another. And, as an e-commerce company, this is your bread and butter, so getting your conversion rates increased is critical. 

Statistics show that the average conversion rate for websites is approximately only 2.35%, from across all industries. While some might be higher than others, most websites don’t really venture into the double digits. So, how do you increase yours and what changes can you make to start beating the average? We unpacked some of our top tips for you to start getting those clicks. 

Re-Look at Your Page Layout 

In many cases, once a company launches their website, they usually don’t go back to it to tweak it and make adjustments. The website remains static for a number of years, with the layout staying the same. Not only does this have the potential of impacting your conversion rate, but it will also have a knock on effect with your SEO. 

Consider adjusting the following and checking whether it makes a difference:

  • Your CTA’s and their placement; 
  • Your images and where they appear on your site; 
  • Update content to contain relevant keywords and swap to simple, clear descriptions; 
  • How much content appears above and below the fold on the page. 

In some cases, a simple adjustment like a different coloured CTA might make all of the difference.

Add More Opportunity for Engagement 

You need to know that every customer needs a different method to engage with your company. While some prefer the traditional calling method, others prefer to stay clear of having phone conversations. So, provide them with several options to contact you. 

One of the most successful, especially with increasing your conversion rates is adding chatbots to your site. If your customer comes across something that they need more information on, or if they have particular questions about a product or service that they are interested in, they can simply enter a chat and get it sorted out then and there. It has been shown that chatbots can increase conversion rates by up to 10%, making it really worth your while to add them to your site. 

It is also worth your while to add other contact details on your site. In many cases, companies simply add forms to be filled out if there is a question or problem. However, this has been shown to have a marked impact on conversion rates. So, add in email addresses, your physical location and telephone numbers for added accessibility for your customer. 

Measure, Monitor and Track Everything 

The question we ask is; “How do you know what is happening on your site and what needs to be changed if you are not constantly monitoring it?” There are a number of tools that you can use jointly to monitor what is happening on your site, how campaigns are doing and what your conversion rates are looking like. 

Google Analytics is one of the most popular, where you are able to track traffic coming into your site, where it is coming from, how it behaves, where it drops off and how far down the sales funnel it is going. This, used in conjunction with the metrics coming from your social channels as well as your platform will be able to guide you on what is successful and what is not when it comes to your campaigns. 

Lastly, test everything. A/B testing, using a tool like HotJar to monitor site behaviour and constantly updating your content for new keywords is a sure way to increase conversions. By testing new content, images, CTA’s, forms etc., you will be able to see what works and what generates those clicks. So, you can keep working on those, and constantly improve upon them. 

The Bottom Line

Your site should be a continuously evolving entity. While you don’t want to change too much and confuse your customers, constant tweaks and adjustments simply mean the chance of increased conversion rates. Remember, everytime you make an adjustment to your site, Google will re-scrape your site and improve your SEO rankings. So, keep that content coming!