James Munyeria | eCommerce Africa
COO & Head of E-commerce
Paytree Group

 James Munyeria an accomplished E-commerce and digital specialist is the COO & Head of e-commerce at Paytree Group. With a proven track record in delivering consistently top returns for his clients. As part of this role, he manages the e-commerce and merchant onboarding.  

Prior to co-founding Paytree, Munyeria was CEO at Unicorns digital where he leads the Strategy and Planning function for the business. Prior to that, Munyeria co-founded NyeriOnline, Kenya's first localized news platform, commanding a top 10 ranking on Alexa.  

He is experienced in all aspects payments and e-commerce with over 10 years of development of engaging web media, increasing e-commerce sales, enhancing the value proposition with new services and ideas. 

Munyeria is also well versed in matters logistics having worked with one of the leading transport providers in East Africa.

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