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Equity Bank Launches Mobile Services in Rwanda

Equity Bank has introduced a range of digital solutions in Rwanda. The Eazzy Banking suite of products includes the EazzyBanking app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

The app enables customers to open accounts, send money to bank accounts or mobile wallets, apply for and repaying loans, and pay utility bills.

Blockchain for Business: Ready or Not, Here it Comes

Blockchain became 2017’s technology mantra, following the previous year's mantras of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud, analytics and IOT.

Every year it seems something bubbles to the top of the pile that promises to save our world and fix everyone's problems in one sweep. But where the cloud, IOT, big data and AI all promised a lot, to date, they have regularly fallen short on the delivery. 

Safaricom Enhances MPESA for Visually Impaired Customers

In line with the theme for this year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities to create a more sustainable and resilient society for all, Safaricom has announced the launch of M-PESA services for visually impaired customers.

A world first, the new service will mean that customers can now access the mobile money services by dialing 234, then selecting the “M-PESA Services” option, followed by the “M-PESA Balance” option. This will then allow customers to enter their PIN and have their balances read out to them.

Uber Sets Up Deal With Momo Wallet Service

Uber has not been having what you’d call a great year in 2017. Problem after problem has socked the company, from cultural issues to covered-up hacks. But Uber, like the old man in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, is not dead yet. In fact, it’s just set up a payments deal in Southeast Asia—its first such deal so far in the region—by setting up shop with a mobile wallet service in Vietnam: Momo.

PayPal Launches Virtual NYC Shopping Platform

PayPal, the digital payments company, announced Thursday (Nov. 30) that on Sunday, Dec. 3 it will launch another live, interactive shopping experience, dubbed Local Selects Holiday Edition. Local Selects enables people to shop a specific location from anywhere in the world.
Earlier this year, consumers were able to use the service to shop the Melrose Trading Post, a Los Angeles flea market, from any location. PayPal will launch the holiday version of Local Selects in New York.

Paysafe Offers Skrill, NETELLER Digital Wallets to Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, one of the largest airlines in Africa, has partnered with Paysafe, a global payments provider, to offer customers the option of paying via Skrill and NETELLER digital wallets.

Ethiopian Airlines customers can now use their Skrill and NETELLER digital wallets to book outbound flights from Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman via the airline’s website, backed by full chargeback protection and access to customer support in 16 languages, including Arabic.

OK-App to Turn Every Dutch Mobile Phone into a 'Smartwallet'

OK, a new smartwallet that can link to every bank account, customer or member card, or ID found in a physical wallet, will be launched in 2018 in the Netherlands.

OK aims to launch with 100 key retail partners, from supermarkets and gas stations to web shops and consumer brands, in an intention to put an end to ticket fraud. Anticipating SWIFT adoption in the Netherlands, OK already has set its sights on the European market.