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Kenya Airways Customers Can Now Book Tickets Online Using Mobile Money Wallets

Digital payments service provider, Cellulant has partnered with Kenya Airways in a bid to provide a variety of mobile and bank payment options to Kenya Airways customers paying for bookings online.

This payment solution is in partnership with Pesalink, a switch which has over thirty banks in Kenya. The solution will offer bank payment options for Kenya Airways customers.

UAE Exchange Rolls out Gocash Card and Mobile App

UAE Exchange has announced its partnership with online travel firm Cleartrip for a co-branded gocash card and mobile app.

The gocash Cleartrip co-branded card is powered by Mastercard and allows users to load several international currencies.

Samsung Pay Expands into Mobile Banking

Samsung Electronics has announced that its mobile payment system is expanding into the banking sector.

Adyen Brings WeChat Pay Into Its Fold

The expansion of the Chinese mobile payment system continues largely unabated, and news emerged recently of one major coup for WeChat Pay. WeChat Pay is now a part of the Adyen payments platform system, which means that any merchant that’s using Adyen can now take WeChat Pay as payment like they could any other breed of payment system.

Dummies' Guide to Buying Bitcoin in SA

In the space of a year, the value of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has soared by over 2000%. 

This exponential increase has created a rare and volatile investment opportunity. 

In December last year, one Bitcoin was worth about R11 000, but by 12:30 on Thursday, it had gone up to R234 998.

Earlier this year, the decentralised digital currency plunged by 18% after a consistent rise, as news began to leak that it had attracted the attention of regulators in China.

Study Reveals: Customer Experience Makes or Breaks Retailers in US

Lego, Disney, Athleta, Lululemon and Nordstrom are among the best customer experience providers against a backdrop of retailers who fail to focus on customers` needs. revealed these findings based on its analysis of 400,000 online reviews. Its algorithms turned free text from consumer reviews into the nine most-mentioned categories, including value, service, cleanliness, wait time, convenience, interactions with store managers, product availability, competence, and finally, parking, facilities and amenities.

Less Than 30% of Africa's eCommerce Startups Profitable

Less than 30% of African e-commerce startups are profitable, as ventures tackle issues such as lack of funding, shortage of trust and logistical difficulties.

This is according to the Afri-Shopping: Exploring the African E-commerce Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 released by Disrupt Africa.

The report finds that the African e-commerce space is growing at an exceptional pace, with the number of startups entering the market growing year-on-year to reach a total of 264 ventures operating continent-wide.