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The proliferation of mobile devices in Africa is making internet more accessible, whilst simultaneously driving down the costs of bandwidth. The Increasing availability internet connectivity has pressured the travel and tourism industry to capitalise on technological advancements to offer innovative services to customers.

A recent hospitality report released by Jumia Travel; highlighted how digital skills remain a major barrier to mobile internet adoption especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is essential that tourism stakeholders support initiatives to improve digital literacy in order to promote e-tourism in Africa.

Social media innovation has served as a platform for closing this digital divide in Africa. Facebook launched its Free Basics initiative in 2016, which connected almost 50% of African countries to its free internet service. The African Union also recently launched the Africa domain which gives Africa its digital identity and lowers the cost of being ‘connected’. This presents the opportunity to drive sustainable growth in Africa’s burgeoning tourism sector.

Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia account for 60% of all international arrivals to Africa, however there have been more than 21 million jobs created across the continent accounting for $35 billion in tourism receipts in 2016, which reflects 8% growth on the previous year. The UN World Tourism Organisation accounts this buoyancy to improved security and visa procedures that have eased access to Africa.

More impressive performance can be achieved; if tourism stakeholders encourage the adoptions of digital and mobile platforms in their businesses. This represents an opportunity for mobile payments solution providers in Africa to tap into the more than 345 million internet users active on the continent. 

It is within this backdrop that Africa’s biggest eCommerce, Payments & Fintech show has emerged as the premier business platform to attend to get updated on the latest trends, developments and technological innovations driving e-tourism on the continent. 

The event will play host to experts and leading disruptors who are transforming the travel and hospitality industry including Brian Singer, CEO: Singer, David Torr, CMO: uCook, Marcel van de Ghinste, Co-Founder: Travelground, Marc Strigel, COO: Travelstart as well as leading payments providers such as Gwenael Trotel, Head of Card and Emerging Payments: Standard Bank, Thomas Payes, CEO, iPay, Paypal & Visa.

Topics to be addressed at the event include how travel technology is transforming the hospitality industry in Africa, hospitality automation, unlocking Africa’s e-tourism potential as well as integrating digital payments into social networks and the future of mobile payments.

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